Your todo-list should be your first managerVotre todo-list est votre premier manager

Most of the time, feeling busy is a result of bad organization. We all need a todo list. Planning what you have to do make you do the right thing at the right time. whatever the system you use, please make a todolist. This are some successful methods :

You just have to choose the system you can access every day without making any effort. Not everybody need an online solution. Me for example i’m using Note Tomboy. this system is available on Ubuntu and is easy. I know and already tried tens of online systems but couldn’t use them for long time.

If you’re not using a todolist system, that means you lost lot of time trying to find the next action you have to take. This situation can make you think you need more than 24h in the day.

  • Fabrice Barou

    I am agree with you and i want to be one of your fellow in this fight.
    Keep on helping us, to do the right thing at the right time

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